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LED stage lights are classified according to their purpose

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What we all know in our lives is that no matter when, our life will change because of the development of technology.
So in our lives, LED stage lights can be divided into several categories according to their use. How do we classify the use of our lives or LED stage lights?
First of all, what we need to know is the lights used in the stage performance. At this time, there are several kinds of lights, such as LED par lights, which have the same shape as the long downlights and have a small volume.
There are also LED pattern effect lights, LED lights and pattern color technology applications, which are common LED moon lights, LED magic lights and LED three-claw fish.
The last thing we need to know is that the LED moving head lamp does not have the effect of the traditional moving head light, but its scanning effect is more than the more abundant LED lamp.
Second, what we need to know is the lights used for stage lighting. Among them are LED floodlights, wall washers and soft lights. Generally, high-power LED lamp beads are used, which are strip-shaped, round, and square.
There is also the LED audience light, which is mainly used for stage lighting, and there are four eyes and eight eye lights.
The last thing to say is to sort by stage decoration and effects. This generally has LED strips, LED floor tiles and LED stage curtains, also known as star curtains. And LED imitation, common patterns of imitation fruits and animals.