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Installation method and installation precautions for moving head beam

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The computer moving head beam light occupies an important position in the application of stage lighting. The computer moving head beam light is installed at the right position. In the whole performance, there will be a prominent stage effect. The following introduces the installation method of the computer moving head beam light. Precautions during the installation process.
The head beam can be mounted or suspended in any orientation, and its quick lock system allows quick and easy mounting of the mounting bracket to four positions, as shown.
Moving head beam light installation precautions renderings
Moving head beam installation position

Hanging installation steps

1. Make sure the light hook is complete and can withstand 10 times the weight of the computer light. Make sure that the lamp holder can withstand 10 times the weight of all installed computer lights, light hooks, cables, auxiliary equipment, etc.
2. Use the M10 (8.8 grade or higher) screws to secure the light hook.
3. Each light hook has 3 mounting points on the base, and the mounting point is selected according to the hanging direction. Insert the fastener. Install another light hook.
4. If the lamp holder can be lowered, you can hang the lamp directly on the catamaran air box. If you want to upgrade the installation of the luminaire, it is forbidden to enter under the work area. Stand on a balanced work platform and install the computer lights onto the light stand. The arrows point to the performance area. Lock the mounting bracket.
5. Use a safety rope that can withstand at least 10 times the weight of the computer light. The safety cord mounting position is designed to fit the hook connection.
6. Make sure the horizontal and vertical locks are open. Make sure that the computer light has no flammable objects or illuminated surfaces within 1 meter, and there is no flammable product nearby.

Computer moving head beam installation considerations

1. The computer light should be at least 1 meter away from combustible materials (such as fabric, wood, paper), and be kept away from flammable products.
2. The computer light should not be less than 1 meter away from the illuminated surface.
3. At least 0.1 m of space around the cooling fan and air duct of the computer light.
4. There must be no obstructions in front of the lens.
5. The surface of the computer light will be very hot and must be cooled for at least 5 minutes before processing.
6. Never modify the computer lights or install non-night sun accessories.
7. The computer light cannot be turned on after the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C.
8. When hanging and installing, make sure that the lamp holder can withstand 10 times the weight of all computer lights.
9. Ensure that all covers and mounting components are secure and secure cords are used.
10. When installing or removing the computer lights, the work area should be blocked from outsiders.
The above is about the installation method and precautions of the computer moving head beam light, to learn more about the stage lighting knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Yinglilai Optoelectronics Technology.
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