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The first step in understanding the stage lighting - color temperature

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The role of a stage lighting device is to create a color atmosphere suitable for the purpose of the event, so that the color of the activity environment affects the participants' emotions. So how do you achieve this? You might say, “It’s the color of the lights.” But for stage lighting, it’s color temperature.
What is the color temperature?
Color temperature is a unit of measure that represents the color component of a light. This concept was founded by the British physicist Lord Kelvin at the end of the 19th century. He developed a set of color temperature calculations, and the specific criteria were based on the wavelength emitted by a blackbody radiator. In theory, color temperature refers to the color that an absolute black body will appear when it is warmed from absolute zero (a 273 ° C). Just like heating an iron block, the iron block turns red first, then yellow, and finally turns white. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral components contained in the light emitted by the black body. It is called the color temperature at this temperature and the unit of measurement is "K" (Kelvin).
The color temperature is the opposite of people's perception of color. Usually everyone thinks that red is warmer and blue is colder. In fact, blue has the highest color temperature and red has the lowest color temperature. At the same time, the change of color temperature and brightness of the light source will also affect people's feelings. Under low color temperature light source environment, high brightness will give people a feeling of sultry; high color temperature light source environment. Low brightness will give people a cold feeling. So when you record the stage, you need to know the color temperature of the stage lighting and take the color you want.
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