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Comparison of stage lighting technology and application at home and abroad

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Compared with the international advanced level, the technology and application of performing arts lighting in China are uneven. The development of computer lights and LED lamps is basically at the forefront of the world. The development of new products is basically synchronized with foreign countries. The level is not much different from the foreign advanced level, but the light source and the lighting console are relatively backward, especially the horizontal gap of the light source is too large. At present, the biggest problem in the whole industry is the lack of innovation, insufficient protection of intellectual property rights, learning from abroad, copying mainly, and less self-development according to the artistic needs of performing arts activities.
Comparison of stage lighting technology and application at home and abroad

1.Light source

1.1 incandescent lamp

Some foreign light source manufacturers still have new varieties to develop to a certain extent, such as improving luminous efficiency and longevity, researching rapid disassembly structure, and developing personalized light sources in cooperation with the development of new lamps. Due to the relationship between materials and processes, the life of domestic light sources is relatively short. As the total application of incandescent light sources continues to decline, there is basically no new investment and development in this country. There are still a certain amount of production for individual use of a wide variety of varieties, such as HPL bubbles for imaging lamps.

1.2 metal halide light source

The production process of metal halide light source is relatively complicated, and the quality of raw materials and process control are high. For example, the quantity of rare earth elements added in the light source and the ratio thereof determine the color of the light source, and the quantity of each element added is not accurately controlled. Resulting in poor color temperature consistency of the light source. The technical solution of the light source production plant in China affecting the quality and life of the metal halide light source is not ideal, especially the life of the light source is far from the imported product. At present, the main source of metal halide light source used in domestic performing arts venues is imported products. Philips and Osram's two major light source production giants occupy most of the market.

1.3LED light source

Due to the large gap between China's LED chip production and the international advanced level, LED chips in performing arts and lanterns are mainly imported. In addition to all-in-one composite lamp beads, most of the COB package and SMT chip modules are completed in China. The optical requirements of performing lamps are more complicated than those of ordinary civil lamps. Especially for multi-color light source integrated lamps, the lamps manufacturers have their own special requirements, such as the number of colors, the matching of various colors, various The position of the color LED chips, etc., is therefore packaged according to their respective requirements. The development and production of domestically produced hundreds of watts of high-power white LED light engines are currently leading the trend. Shenzhen Guangfeng's products are not only used by domestic lighting manufacturers, but also by some well-known foreign manufacturers. Due to the development of light sources, especially LED chips, it is directly related to the research level of the basic theory of the country as a whole, the level of material science and the level of production technology. The performing light source is only a small part of the light source. The overall level of light source production in China is relatively low. It takes a long time to improve the level of the performing light source.
Comparison of stage lighting technology and application at home and abroad